We have hundreds of themes to choose from for any occasion!  See some of our most popular party ideas here, or give us a call to make plans for any theme for your next event!

Let us take you out!  Being outside adds to the excitement of your OktoberFest, Family Reunion, Bon Voyage or Beach Party.  We will plan your very own festival, Scavenger Hunt, Fishing Tournament, Even an Airshow or Parade!   Let’s play outside  -  volleyball, horseshoes, … 

Outdoor Celebrations

Do you feel lucky?  Put on your best poker face & prepare for an evening of chance, skill & fun!  We’ll provide roulette, slot machines, blackjack, poker & craps tables; plan to win great prizes...  It’s no gamble to choose a Vegas theme or a true Western Bar - What good luck to find us!

Casino Night

You could win an Academy Award at your 50’s BBQ with hilarious scenarios and scripts to follow—complete with outdoor BBQ, character portfolios, props & more…   Or do your suspects prefer an elegant English Manor, Saloon, Wedding, Reunion or Tropical Mystery?  We have more...

Murder Mystery  -  Dinner or Weekend

New Year’s Eve, Valentine Dance or romantic weekend for two, Easter Egg Hunt, even Groundhog Day is special with us!     Whatever your holiday, we will enhance your longtime traditions or help you make new traditions and wonderful memories; we’ll make it  Always Eventful...

Holiday Parties & Celebrations

Banana Night, “The Office” or  “Tacky” party, Couch Potato Weekend - we’ll set you up with accommodations & serve you.  Duct Tape or Air Guitar Fest, Laugh about your Baby Bottle Dinner (inspired by a restaurant in Paris).  Crazy games & activities galore; Pet Parties; You can just imagine...

Some Really Silly Ideas

Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party can be so memorable, you’ll want to tell all - after all!  

We’ll organize a Family Reunion that creates memories you’ll tell about for generations to come.     We can create the most engaging celebration for your engagement party...

Memorable Occasions

Themes & Occasions

To Create a Theme for Your Occasion

Call:    540-239-1639

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